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Elevate your Raspberry Pi experience with Argon40, a leading brand in the development of innovative, high-quality accessories designed to unlock the full potential of your Raspberry Pi projects. Trusted by makers, educators, and enthusiasts worldwide, Argon40 provides cutting-edge solutions that enhance performance, aesthetics, and usability.

Our extensive range of Raspberry Pi accessories includes premium aluminum cases, cooling systems, power management modules, and expansion boards. With Argon40, you can seamlessly integrate your Raspberry Pi into any project, whether it's a home automation system, media center, or IoT application.

Experience the exceptional design and functionality of our flagship products, such as the Argon ONE case and Argon NEO case, which combine elegant aesthetics with effective thermal management to ensure optimal performance. Our power management solutions, like the Argon Fan HAT and Argon POLY+, deliver stable power and efficient cooling, extending the life of your Raspberry Pi.

At our web shop, you'll find everything you need to bring your Raspberry Pi projects to life, along with detailed product information, user guides, and responsive customer support to assist you every step of the way. Enjoy a seamless shopping experience and fast shipping, so you can focus on what matters most: creating and innovating.

Join the Argon40 community today and explore the limitless possibilities of Raspberry Pi. Visit our web shop to browse our selection of accessories and experience the power, versatility, and convenience that Argon40 brings to your projects.

Argon40: Empowering Raspberry Pi Enthusiasts to Innovate and Create.

  Build Your Own Network Attached Storage (BYO-NAS) Takes advantage of the natural heat conductivity and dissipation of the aluminum Augmented the built-in controllable fan to cool down both the Raspberry Pi and hard disks Multi-function power...

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Argon IR Remote for Argon ONE V2 and M.2 Cases   The Argon REMOTE works out of the box with the Argon ONE V2 and Argon ONE M.2 to control its power ON/OFF. In Raspbian, once the Argon Script is installed you can configure the other buttons of th...

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Optimize the power of Raspberry Pi 5 The Argon NEO 5 is redesigned specifically to meet the high demands of the Raspberry Pi 5. Impressive thermal dissipation solution for both passive and active cooling. Aluminum case enclosure with passive cooling...

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Argon NEO Case for Raspberry Pi 4, Argon 40 A19-002 AR-NEO The Argon NEO is designed specifically for the needs and functionality of the Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesth...

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M.2 SATA SSD Compatibility | Accepts any size of M.2 SATA SSD with Key-B or Key-B&M UASP Supported for Raspberry Pi 4 | Maximizes the high speed data transfers for Raspberry Pi 4 Two Full-Sized HDMI | Improves the dual-monitor support of the Rasp...

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If you"re already the proud owner of a Raspberry Pi 4 Argon ONE case but want to add M.2 SATA SSD compatibility for faster boot times and larger storage capacity - this Expansion Board kit is just what you need! The M.2 Argon ONE case supports M....

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SLEEK ALUMINUM ENCLOSURE | Made with aluminum alloy and polished with a modern Space Grey finish for stunning aesthetics and functionality. PASSIVE AND ACTIVE COOLING | The whole case top acts as a passive cooling for the Raspberry Pi. And a software...

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The Argon ONE V3 M.2 NVME Case unlocks the full potential of the Raspberry Pi 5 by incorporating M.2 NVME expansion support. This case allows users to boot their Raspberry Pi 5 from an M.2 NVME drive, significantly enhancing system speed and storage ...

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